last update: June 08, 2021

Consensus of the Society of Hair Testing on hair testing for doping agents


From June 14 to 16, 1999 about one hundred scientists meet in Martigny (Switzerland) for the 2nd Intemational meeting of the Society of Hair Testing. The Society of Hair Testing was established in December 1995, in Strasbourg (France). Since the beginning, Dr Hans Sachs (Munich, Germany) is the President of this 130-member association.

Among the topics that were developed (analytical procedures, pharmacology, racial bias, interpretation of the results), Christian Staub (meeting host) proposed to discuss the applications of hair testing in doping control.

Scientific presentations, posters and discussion sessions made significant contributions to the science of hair analysis for doping agents and attendees were encouraged to voice their agreement to the proposed statement or to suggest modifications. Point by point the statements were then summarized and a consensus was obtained.


Hans Sachs, President of the Society

Pascal Kintz, Secretary of the Society


   1. Hair analysis can essentially contribute to doping analysis in special cases, in addition to urine.

   2. Hair specimens are not suitable for general routine control.

   3. In case of positive urine results, the negative hair result cannot exclude the administration of the detected drug and cannot overrule the positive urine result.

   4. In case of negative urine result, the positive hair resu1t demonstrates drug exposure during the period prior to sample collection.

   5. Before using hair analysis for doping control, sample collection and analytical methods have to be harmonized with respect to the sophisticated requirements already valid for urine.

   6. The Society feels responsible to support efforts that lead to this harmonization.

   7. This statement was adopted on June 16, 1999 by the Society of Hair Testing.