Constitution (OPEN Original) (OPEN English Translation)

Founded in December 1995, the legal seat of the Society of Hair Testing is Strasbourg, France. The constitution was written according to the French law. Elections were held every two years.



Mario Cassani (Italy), Marcello Chiarotti (Italy), Carmen Jurado (Spain), Pascal Kintz (France), Patrice Mangin (at that time France, now Switzerland), Manfred Möller (Germany), Hans Sachs (Germany), Jordi Segura (Spain), Christian Staub (Switzerland), Michael Uhl (Germany), Robert Wennig (Luxembourg)

Goals of the Society are:


Former Presidents

Hans Sachs                 1995 - 2000

Christian Staub            2000 - 2004

Carmen Jurado            2004 - 2008

Pascal Kintz                 2008 - 2012

Christine Moore           2012 - 2014

Markus Baumgartner   2014 - 2018


Current Board Members


Donata Favretto, University of Padova (Italy)



Robert Kronstrand, National Board of Forensic Medicine (Sweden)



Maristela Andraus, Executive Director ChromaTox (Brazil)



 Michael Uhl, Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt (Germany)


Administration board (in alphabetical order)

Brice Appenzeller (Luxembourg), Tina Binz (Switzerland), Vincent Cirimele (France), Gail Cooper (Scotland), Frank Sporkert (Switzerland), Marco Vincenti (Italy), Michel Yegles (Luxembourg)